Waterproofing System


Waterproofing & Damp proofing System

Waterproofing failures are more easily overlooked than roofing failures, so we tend to hear less about them. But compared with a re-roofing project, a below-grade or interior waterproofing rehabilitation can be far more disruptive—and expensive. While prevention is the obvious first choice for waterproofing success, there are many occasions for error: in design, during construction, and throughout the operation.

Waterproofing, because it is so difficult to access, should have a design life as long as that of the building. With so many opportunities for damage, incorrect design, or poor execution, waterproofing systems can fail well before their time. When this happens, an architectural investigation is needed to determine the location and cause of the leak, the extent of the damage, and the appropriate remedy.

Water infiltration doesn’t fix itself. While it can be a major undertaking to properly identify and correct faulty waterproofing, it is far worse to adopt a patch-it-and-hope-for-the-best attitude. All too often, even well-meaning attempts at treating the symptoms of waterproofing failure serve only to trap or redirect moisture, compounding the problem. Until the waterproofing deficiency is resolved, the problem will only get worse.

BS 8102:2009 defines: Waterproofing systems should be designed by a Waterproofing Design Specialist who can demonstrate that they have a suitable level of knowledge for designing waterproofing systems. When considering and or specifying a Type B integral system, this should only be carried out where there are knowledge and understanding of waterproofing in relation to BS 8102: (2009) and in the case of concrete structures an understanding and competence in concrete construction.

From fountains to foundations, from vaults to tunnels, lobbies, even underground structures, our waterproofing experience is both diverse and specialized, as we apply focused expertise to a range of settings and situations. Our expertise provides waterproofing consultation and review for new construction, as well as for the rehabilitation of existing structures.

We supply and install waterproofing system for the roof, reservoirs, bridge decks, basement, gutters, swimming pools, tunnels, terrace using either surface treatment, chemical impregnation or membrane system throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and other regions in Southeast Asia.

For the purpose of this document, the following definitions refer:


  • A structure constructed from concrete or masonry, offering only limited protection against the ingress of water by the nature of its design. Protection is therefore primarily dependent on a barrier system applied to the structure, combined with serviceable land drainage where appropriate.


  • Designed and constructed in reinforced or prestressed concrete to Eurocode 2; or to BS EN 8500 (to minimize water penetration); BS 8102 or to BS 8007 (to prevent water penetration) dependent on the chosen grade of basement use.

Appropriate areas where a Type-B system could be adopted include:

  • New build basements
  • Any new Underground Structures
  • Below ground structures
  • Car parks
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Lift pits
  • Tunnels
  • A concrete structure that is designed to experience and resist the penetration of water under pressure


  • Constructed from structural concrete (including diaphragm walls) or masonry to minimize the ingress of water. Any water that does find its way into the basement is channeled, collected and discharged within the cavity created through the addition of an inner skin to both walls and floor.

Our Waterproofing Products and Services:

Torch on membrane 1

  1. Torch-on bitumen membrane – is a preformed torch-on polymerized bituminous membrane reinforced with nonwoven polyester fiber for waterproofing of flooring, ground-level wall, terraces, balconies, tubing, underground structures, and irrigation canal, etc.

PU based waterproof membrane

2. Acrylic-based waterproofing coating – is a cold applied single component seamless waterproof elastomeric acrylic based coating ideal as waterproofing of exposed structures such as service roof, exposed decks, car porch, etc.

Self adhesive membrane

3. Self-adhesive bitumen membrane – is a cold applied self-adhesive preformed bituminous waterproofing membrane for below-grade waterproofing applications, reservoir, basement slab, sewage disposal plant, power plant, etc.

PU waterproofing

4. Elastomeric polyurethane waterproof coating – is a liquid applied single component UV resistant seamfree waterproof elastomeric membrane coating for the waterproofing of covered flat roof as well as exposed roof decks.

Self adhesive membrane wall

5. Self-adhesive bitumen membrane (Vertical grade) – is an anti-root self-adhesive polymer bituminous membrane which incorporated with a special chemical that has a high resistance to both root penetration as well as the aggressive chemical like fertilizers, organic waste, etc.

6. Join Sealing – prepare movement joint, non-movement joint, crack inducing joint, etc complete work with backer rod and sealant like PU sealant, polysulphide, Hypalon expansion joint to roof, car park decks, building, bridges, etc.


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