Concrete and Structural Repair

Concrete Repair work should be specified by a competent person or company experienced in the causes of concrete and reinforced concrete deterioration and repair. Topseal is practice according to the code of practice governed by Concrete Repair Association (CRA) and we offer remedial service, as do some specialist consultants. The final choice of repair method and materials will depend on a number of factors, including practical problems of how the work can be carried out. In all cases, the repair method must comply fully with code of practice according to BS EN 1504*:

  1. Effects of repair work on the environment (e.g. noise, dust, etc.).
  2. Health and safety considerations.
  3. Structural considerations (e.g. do any of the repaired components require strengthening).
  4. Preventing or slowing continued deterioration.
  5. The appearance of repaired concrete.
  6. The durability of chosen repair method (e.g. does a second or third intervention need to be factored into a long-term repair strategy).

Repair Materials should be properly selected for the repair required, according to the Repair Principle chosen to comply with BS EN 1504*. Due regard should be given to the reputation of the manufacturer, who is now expected to comply with BS EN 1504* and should, therefore, possess CE marking for the product.

*Note – British Standards Institution, BS EN 1504. “Products and systems for the repair and protection of concrete structures- Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity”;

Part 1: Definitions

Part 2: Surface protection systems for concrete

Part 3: Structural and non-structural repair

Part 4: Structural Bonding

Part 5: Concrete injection

Part 6: Anchoring of reinforcing bars

Part 7: Reinforcement corrosion protection

Part 8: Quality control and evaluation of conformity

Part 9: General principles for the use of products and systems

Part 10: Site application of products and systems, and quality control of the works, BSI, London, various dates.

Structural and Concrete Imperfection and faulty: 

Repair and rehabilitation of deteriorated concrete is an art as well as a science. The repair engineer must have the imagination to select and adapt any of several repair techniques to fix the existing defect. Why Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete?

  1. Restore or improve structural integrity
  2. Improve appearance
  3. Improve durability
  4. Improve functional performance
  5. Provide water-tightness
  6. Repair damages due to crushing fault, negligence, etc.
  7. Strengthen damaged structural elements


We have been providing various concrete solutions since the company was established in 2009.

We are specialized in the following structural repairs:

  1. Chemical Injection – for sealing cracks, plugging water leakages/seepage, filling concrete honeycomb, and voids.

Epoxy injection

2. Pressurized formwork grouting – filling structural voids, machine base, cavities, etc.

Structural repair

Pressure grouting

3. Diamond coring and sawing – coring for pipe and services openings, equipment fastening, structural opening, chemical anchorage, etc.

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